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If you have a friend who has been convicted of driving under the influence four years after his or her first offense, he is probably in a big trouble. Yes, most Department of Transportation would file a person the court for the misdemeanor of the matter. Every state may have its different way of handling DUI but there are common issues that are taken.

DUI may constitute the revocation and suspension of the driver’s license of the person. And the second offense may serve you the suspension of the license for two years and even jail time for a single year, whichever is preferred by the court. To say, it is always necessary to avoid these problems by enrolling in a driving education program of a driving school that will inform you about the gravity of the situation.

As said earlier, the gravity of the punishment depends on the state traffic laws and on the decision of the court during the DUI hearings. Most often, the court would ask the driver to enroll in a Drinking Driver’s Program, while restrictions are being applied on the person’s driver’s license.

Drinking Driver’s Program

Drinking driver’s program is different from the driving education program of a driving school that one needs to finish to get the driver’s license. It is a specialized program that is targeted only to help those who have been convicted of DUI within the specified period, or who have been convicted in two offenses within the timetable.

It is necessary to enroll in the program of the driving school to get the restricted privilege of driving. Most states would only consider the restricted license of a driver if he or she will enroll in the drinking driver’s program of the state, which will become the evaluation process of the state to consider your reapplication for the driver’s license.

The cost of the program is not covered by the state. Yes, as part of the disciplinary actions against your DUI, you need to pay for the entirety of the program. It is necessary to attend the driving education program as considered by the state to keep the restricted license. In the same manner, any violation of the drinking driver’s program of the state driving school will lead to the permanent or longer revocation and suspension of the driver’s license. Worst comes to worst, any violation of the restriction may lead to criminal punishments of jail.

After the completion of the drinking driver’s program, the driver’s license suspension will be lifted and the driver can already enjoy the full privilege of driving. There are other requirements that must be met before the full reinstatement of the driver’s license. Failure to submit and comply with the requirements may also lead to denial of the reapplication for the driver’s license.

In all circumstances, it is very good to follow the driving education program of the driving school to avoid the problem of DUI. In fact, the gravity of the offense may lead you to the total ban from the driving privilege, which may also put you in jail.

Lastly, any DUI offense again after the drinking driver’s program may lead to criminal charges and longer period of jail time with a considerable fine that will be determined by the circuit judge of the DUI case. It is always good to follow the traffic laws that you learned from the driving school to avoid the worst of worst with your driving privilege.