Keep Your Sheep Happy

Sheep are animals that are kept on farms all over the world. They are very versatile animals as they are bred for their wool, meat and also, nowadays, for their milk. Sheep’s milk is being consumed by people who have lactose intolerance as their milk doesn’t seem to affect people with this intolerance.

We are making clothes out of their wool such as jumpers and other garments and many bespoke men’s suits are made out of the fine wool of some breeds of these animals. In Great Britain many sheep are consumed each year as their meat is delicious and perfectly teamed with mint sauce.

Sheep also keep fields perfectly grazed as they are less fussy than beef cattle in what they eat. This way the farmer can manage their fields and stop them from being overgrown with some wild plants. Sheep will even thrive on very poor soil. These days when fields need to be managed to stop rare plants and other wildlife from extinction, sheep come in very handy for grazing.

In the winter these hardy animals can be left in the fields as their fleeces are so thick that they are completely insulated against the harsh weather conditions.

If you are thinking of starting a sheep farm much consideration should be given of what kind of sheep you wish to raise. They need much space as they tend to frolic and gambol about in the fields. Another consideration is why you want to start raising sheep. If it is for wool, then merino sheep might be the preferred choice. This breed has the finest wool of all the breeds as it is very soft. The wool is much used in the production of sports clothing as it is very warm.

This kind of sheep is very adaptable to any kind of ground as they originated in Spain where the soil is often very poor.

A sheep farmer will have many sheep in his fields to keep his farm viable and some manufacturers have come up with an ingenious way of feeding a great many animals at the same time by inventing sheep snackers.

These machines can be attached to a quad bike to be pulled into the fields where the sheep are. They have a hopper in which the food can be stored and the feeder will drop certain amounts of feed into the tray below for the sheep to eat. This farm aid can also feed other animals such as cattle and deer.

These contraptions will prevent sheep from picking up nasty infections from the ground, as they urinate while they eat and infections can easily be spread this way. This is especially useful if a great many animals are grazing the same pasture.

This gadget will save the busy farmer a great deal of time. The trailer can be unhooked from the bike and the bike can then be used for other farm work. This is particularly useful if farming is not your main job, but have some sheep in the field.