Points to Consider When Buying Race Quad Parts

The popularity of quad bikes has flourished in recent years, not only as a working aid for farmers and others working on rugged terrain, but also among those using the vehicles for leisure and sporting activities.

Perhaps one of the biggest success stories of the last few years has been the growth in quad bike racing. The sport now boasts many eager participants who relish the thrill and excitement of using the sheer power of their q bike to outmanoeuvre opponents, over challenging dirt tracks and other seemingly impassable obstacles.

Of course, sport q bikes are designed and constructed very differently from those used for utility purposes, not least because they are capable of much greater speeds.

When purchasing replacement race quad parts – usually because the existing part has become worn or damaged, or perhaps to develop and enhance riding performance – it is vital to ensure that buying decisions are based on certain key criteria.

The following is a list of points essential to consider when choosing race quad parts.

Firstly and most fundamentally, the make and brand of quad bike owned should be the main determinant of the race quad parts you purchase.

One obvious method of helping to ensure compatibility is to buy parts made by the same company which built the q bike; for example, choosing Honda race parts for a Honda race model. However, this is not necessarily the only route to finding suitable race quad parts; there will be parts made by other quality brands which will be equally appropriate.

In either case, expert advice should still always be sought to ensure complete compatibility. A professional will check that the correct size of component is selected for the particular quad bike in question, and that the parts chosen will be suitable for the terrain likely to be encountered – a key requirement when, for example, choosing tyres.

Secondly, when assessing the quality of the various race quad parts available, the golden rule should be to look for the twin characteristics of strength and lightness in weight. Race quad parts made from chromoly will often be favoured for these reasons.

Thirdly, it should be noted that the choice of certain race quad parts really ought to be made according to your individual riding preferences. This is the case in regards to choosing suspension components, where your individual optimum point between comfort and responsiveness can be crucial.

One important final point to be made is that, while the competent amateur enthusiast might well feel comfortable changing certain race quad parts themselves, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a professional quad bike mechanic if there is any doubt about the nature or extent of the work set to be undertaken.

Quad bike engines, it should be noted, are notoriously intricate; so for the sake of time, effort and importantly, safety, it will be worth booking a quad bike into a reputable specialist quad bike service centre, rather than attempting to make your own repairs and upgrades.