Types of Two Wheeler and Four Wheeler Safety Equipments

Different types of safety equipments are used by two- wheeler and four-wheeler riders these days. One of the most important equipments used by the two-wheeler riders includes the safety helmets. Various types of helmets are available in the markets today depending on the type of vehicle, individual taste and preferences. Helmets protect the base of the skull and the chin.

Types of Safety Helmets

There are basically three types of helmets worn by motorcycle riders. Full faced motor cycle helmets, half helmets and open face helmets or the three quarter shell helmets.

Full faced motorcycle helmets: One of the safest types of motorcycle helmets includes the full faced helmets that cover most parts of the head and face. It covers the entire head and chin with a plastic shell. It has a plastic shield or covering over the eyes which can be swiveled up and down. This shield protects the eyes from direct sunlight, wind and dust. The shield is usually a type of tinted glass. These helmets have padded inner shells which offer comfort and protection. The full faced helmet can be secured with a chin strap. It is one of the heaviest safety helmets and can cause neck fatigue and limit hearing capacity as the padded inner shell covers the ears.

Half helmets: Among safety helmets, the half helmets provide the least protection. These helmets cover only half of the head and do not cover the base of the skull. It provides less protection as it does not cover the face either. Half helmets do not block the ears and allow more freedom of movement. But these helmets offer less protection compared to the other types of helmets.

Three quarter helmets: The open face helmets cover the back of the head but offer no protection to the face. It also includes a clear plastic shield that protects the wearer from dust and wind. These helmets are easy to remove and wear but offer less protection to the face and chin.

It is important to choose helmets which are comfortable to wear. Helmets which are too heavy can cause neck fatigue and loose helmets bounce up and down while riding. So it is necessary to choose helmets which fit perfectly.

Four Wheel Safety Equipment-Airbags

Safety airbags were invented to protect the driver and front seat riders in four wheelers during accidents. The airbags protect the front seat passengers from severe head and chest injuries. Modern vehicles also offer torso airbags to protect the front seat passengers.

Side airbags are also designed in some automobiles to prevent side impacts during accidents. Nowadays, airbags are designed to drop from the ceiling of the automobiles. Different automobiles have different types of airbags. It is important to install airbags in the automobiles to prevent serious head and chest injuries.

Various types of protective equipments are available in many of the online stores at affordable price rates. Helmets, protective gears, airbags are easily available these days. It is very important to use these protective equipments to prevent injuries and reduce accidental death rates.