Are you thinking of purchasing a car? Try buying a Jeep. You don’t know anything about this type of car? Let’s find out more about it together. There are various models of Jeeps available nowadays because this brand has started manufacturing cars a long time ago. So, with a bit of help you will manage […]

While getting behind the wheel is a right enjoyed by many teens, for some it is no less than a passion. And there are many reasons about passionate driving that keep people coming back for more. Recently, a PAN India expedition by the name ‘Cross Country Run’ was hosted by Arjuna Awardee Deepa Malik for […]

Take a look at the Tata Safari Storme and you can be forgiven for thinking that not much has changed. Apart from some cosmetic changes to the grille, bumpers, headlamp and taillights, everything seems identical. But peel back the visible layers and the Storme is a totally different car from its predecessor. Up until now, […]

An SUV itself is a symbol of class and style. Adding a little touch-up by installing a lift kit to it only adds to the glamor. Make sure that you do not get confused between a parking lift and a lift kit. A parking lift is something which helps in the parking or the repairing […]

The 2014 Range Rover Sport is definitely my favorite car for a number of reasons. It’s an SUV with swanky interiors, a comfortable ride and awesome off-road capabilities. This distinguished vehicle has a V6 engine, with an option for V8 and an eight speed automatic transmission. Amazingly it is big on fuel economy when compared […]

The Safari is a proper, 5-door SUV developed by Tata Motors. This vehicle happens to be the very first SUV to be designed, developed and mass produced wholly in India. The very first time the Safari touched the roads was 15 years ago. Although it didn’t receive a lot of fans on several counts, the […]

Choosing the best jeep ride between two amazing vehicles can be a difficult choice to make. A little review of each might help narrow down the choices and help you make your pick. Jeep Grand Cherokee If you are planning on buying a Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale, it is an amazing choice to make […]

The reliable, robust and easy to drive SUV, Renault Duster is already ruling million hearts. This powerful drive has become a prime choice for all those enthusiasts who love driving a vehicle with off-road capabilities. It’s compact dimensions, short overhangs, big clearance angles, high ground clearance and reinforced underbody that is apt for all terrain […]

Few cars have seen hype of such levels even before its launch than the Renault Duster. The auto journos praised its practicality, ride and build quality and before you knew it, the vehicle was a tremendous success the likes of which Renault had never seen before. Recently, their partner Nissan decided to take this SUV, […]

Driving transport vehicles is notoriously uncomfortable because the heavy loads run roughshod over the shocks. There have been a number of improvements which have attempted to make driving more comfortable, however the urethane cushion has proven to be particularly useful. It is a fairly new technology which is made from the same urethane NIKE uses […]