What is the best type of van for use in an auto services business? Well, that’s a pretty good question, and it just so happens I have little bit of experience here, because before retirement I had franchised mobile car washing, oil changing, and auto detailing units. You don’t necessarily have to have a work […]

Van drivers enjoy plentiful job opportunities as well as a diverse number of driving options. Van driving jobs include employment opportunities to work as delivery drivers, courier drivers and private chauffeurs. Another huge option and one more specialized is working as van drivers for the medical and hospital industry. These drivers are also referred to […]

The Ford Motor Company has unveiled its next-generation Transit Connect, a compact van that is also available as a family wagon. The new van is slated to go on sale stateside late in 2013, following an official auto show debut this January. Built in Turkey and exported to the United States, Transit Connect will receive […]

Compact Transit Connect is versatile and logical. The Ford Transit Connect is a compact van, built in Turkey and imported to the United States. This vehicle offers excellent value in price, maintenance and portability, a front-wheel-drive vehicle with a 1,600 pound payload limit. Sold in van and wagon configurations, Transit Connect is prized by contractors […]

Well after franchising my company all over the US in 23-states, I sure learned a lot about local politics and witnessed so many archaic rules at every level of government. One rule that we ran into was a city that allowed one of our franchisees a business license to operate his business from his home, […]

The other day, I was talking to a young lady whose husband is going to start an air-conditioning service company. He holds all the licenses he needs, and his wife is going to quit her job to help him. They have an old van, but it is white, has a few dents, and they are […]

A few week ago, I was sitting on the outdoor patio in one of our shopping district having one of their signature sandwiches, and I brought my own frappachino from down the street. Since I was sitting at the end table I noticed a gentleman delivering magazines and newspapers to various businesses on the street. […]

Q. While driving my mom’s older Dodge wheelchair ramp van, I noticed that the gas gauge did not move off of the full mark until I had driven over 75 miles. It also rapidly moved toward empty after passing the half full mark. Should I take it to a Dodge dealer for adjustment or a […]

Over the years, I’ve met many people who live in RVs, motor homes, motor coaches, and even some who live in converted vans. Previously, I had belonged to a bus conversion group, a user group, where its members had taken old metro buses, school buses, and tour buses and made them into beautiful motorhomes, all […]

If you are only in need of a vehicle that features wheelchair conversions for a short amount of time – perhaps you’re going on holiday and would like to take a disabled family member with you, or your regular vehicle is receiving repairs, or your loved one will only be wheelchair bound for a short […]