The Major Motorhome Trends for 2014

If you believe that recreational vehicles cannot get better than they are, you should think twice. They are subject to constant innovation and feature ever more spoils and advanced technologies. Check out the latest motorhome trends which will rule in 2014 and possibly beyond.

More Luxurious Interiors

You will certainly get even more luxury in 2014. The modern motorhome features a master bedroom with memory foam mattress bed, flat-screen TV plenty of storage space for personal belongings. You can enjoy separate toilet and shower facilities. You will certainly love to have a shower cabin with a hard door instead of a curtain.

The kitchen is more spacious than ever before and so is the sitting area. Luxury wood, leather upholstery and pleasant LED lighting are among the biggest hits at present. The trendiest colours include light brown, cream and beige.

Functional Outdoor Space

Over the past years, designers were trying to fit everything inside the motorhome. Now the trend has reversed. They are looking to provide better integration with the outdoor environment. Some of the most innovative models feature outdoor kitchens. These are typically set up on an extendable deck with an interlocking system. The outdoor kitchen features a countertop with sink and a cooking oven with gas burners. It may come with a fridge as well.

While the outdoor kitchen technology still requires tweaking, the campervan patio decks are becoming ever more widespread. These are especially designed platforms which can drop down from the back or the side of the recreational vehicle or be attachable to these parts. They make excellent covered outdoor areas for recreation especially when they are connected to the rear garage.

Going Green

At present, manufacturers are trying to make their campervans more fuel-efficient, energy-efficient and recyclable. They are replacing the steel and hardwood traditionally used for the construction of recreational vehicles with aluminium and composites. The world’s first 98% recyclable motorhome was introduced in the beginning of 2014.

The aluminium and composite materials are not only recyclable. They make the campervan lighter as well and this makes it more fuel-efficient in turn. Many manufacturers use the latest engine and other technologies to improve the fuel economy of their vehicles.

More and more campervans are equipped with energy-efficient appliances and heating and cooling systems. They come with solar panels installed on the roof as well. These panels can help to reduce the use of battery power by as much as 90%.

With a trendy motorhome, you will enjoy luxury and comfort, better outdoor experiences and considerable savings as well.