Tips for Choosing the Right Caravan Company

When you decide to buy a caravan, it is a big step and it is not something that should be taken lightly. This is because you are choosing to buy something that could remain in the family for years. Furthermore, you could actually make a living out of your caravan.

Buying a caravan is a lot easier than buying a house, but a lot could still go wrong during the purchase process. Therefore, you will need to chose a supplier that have a lot of experience in the industry so that they can make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Once you have chosen the right supplier, then half the battle is won. Therefore, the aim of this article is to give you some advice on the elements that you should be looking for from a caravan supply company. Read on for more information and you will have the caravan of your dreams in no time.

New vs Second Hand Static Caravans

In all honesty, you should look for a company that has experience with the new and second hand market for second hand caravans. This is because you will want to look for a caravan in both markets and compare prices.

For example, if you hire a company that sells caravans in both markets, you could contact them and then tell them what you are looking for. You might find that they will find two caravans for you. One will be new and one will be second hand. The new one will be a lot more expensive, but there might be nothing wrong with the second hand one. So, they will have saved you money by giving you a choice between a new and second hand caravan.

You could still choose the more expensive one if you want, there is nothing wrong with that, but a company that gives you a choice is much more trustworthy than a company that does not.

Transportation and Siting

One of the most important things that you should be looking for from a caravan company is their ability to transport and site the caravan. This is so that you can get the caravan to the camp after you have bought it.

Some companies will include the cost of transportation and siting within the cost of the caravan, if it is brand new. But, it is becoming more of the norm to pay extra for this service, so don’t penalise a company just because you have to pay more for transport and siting.

The majority of caravan companies will have transport and siting, but the trick is with choosing the right company with the right elements included in their service. Therefore, you should look for the following in your transport and siting service:

• Competitive pricing

• The ability to move all types of caravans, including large static ones.

• Hassle free, so you hire them and they deal with everything

• They will sort out the police notifications for wide load transport and they will arrange all escorts if needed.

• They should have their own equipment

• They should supply insurance, or find you an insurance policy just in case something goes wrong.

• They should be able to transport it within the region.

Choosing the right caravan company is very important, especially if you want the process to run smoothly. If you have chosen the wrong company, then you should cut your loses and try and find a better company immediately so that the buying process is more pleasant in the future.