What Makes a Motorhome Green?

The green lifestyle is becoming ever more popular. It covers more and more aspects of our lives. You can have a green home and a green motorhome as well. With such a recreational vehicle, you will save money and help to preserve the natural environment. Find out what features and capabilities can make a campervan truly green.

Fuel Economy

A motorhome with excellent fuel economy is truly green. The less fuel is used for covering 100 kilometres the better. A fuel-efficient campervan will not only save you money. It will actually produce a lower volume of exhaust gasses which pollute the environment.

There is a big debate whether diesel or gasoline is more efficient and better for the environment. Most experts vote for diesel, but some recent studies have revealed that gasoline may not be as bad as previously thought. In this situation, it is best for you to do the math based on the precise specs of the recreational vehicles which you compare.

Design and Make

In order to be green, a motorhome has to be made from green materials. Traditionally, manufacturers use hardwood or plywood materials like lauan for the interior. They are not environmentally friendly. The composite materials, however, fall into this category.

In addition to being recycled, the composite materials are lighter than their traditional counterparts. This makes the campervan lighter as well. In fact, it has been estimated that if only composite materials are used for building the interior of an average recreational vehicle, it will be around 20% lighter. Due to its lighter weight, it uses less fuel and this brings benefits to your pocket and to the natural environment.

Energy Efficiency

There are different features and capabilities which can make a motorhome energy-efficient. Among the main ones, you will find tinted windows with double glazing. They prevent the hot or cool air inside the campervan from escaping. Many modern models are equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting systems. The bulbs use much less energy than their traditional counterparts. The heating and air conditioning systems can also be made so that they use less power to operate.

The solar panels are perhaps the most innovative features for energy efficiency. They are preinstalled on the roofs of many new campervans. They can be added after purchase as well. A sufficiently large and powerful solar panel system can produce up to 70% and even up to 90% of the energy needed inside the average motorhome every day.

It pays off to invest in a green motorhome.