How Does a Urethane Cushion Make Driving Transport Vehicles More Comfortable?

Driving transport vehicles is notoriously uncomfortable because the heavy loads run roughshod over the shocks. There have been a number of improvements which have attempted to make driving more comfortable, however the urethane cushion has proven to be particularly useful. It is a fairly new technology which is made from the same urethane NIKE uses in their shoes and clothes. The urethane cushion is placed in between the shock springs in order to absorb more of the impact.

One of the first benefits of using a cushion in transport vehicles is noticeably more comfort when driving on bumpy roads and over speed bumps. Functionally, it operates by providing added support to the shocks. This makes the transport vehicle feel more like a regular pickup van a heavy truck burdened with a significant load.

Another noticeable area the cushion offers an improvement is in turning. Since it rests in the coil spring, it prevents leaning when spring tension increases during a sharp turn. This is beneficial both for city driving as well as long-distance driving over winding roads. It is difficult enough to navigate large, bulky transport vehicles through winding roads, especially at high elevations without worrying about leaning due to poor coil spring tension control.

In some tests, using a cushion has shown to reduce driving fatigue. One of the reasons driving long distances seems to wear people out is because the body is constantly absorbing the up-and-down motion of bumpy roads. By minimizing the up-and-down motion, the urethane cushion limits the amount of energy the body expels while driving.

A urethane cushion can also increase the durability of shocks and shock absorbers. This is because it lies directly between the two and can protect them from constantly hitting against each other. It is estimated that a cushion in transport vehicles shocks can extend the lifespan of shocks and shock absorbers to twice as long as normal.

The final noticeable benefit of using a urethane cushion is it restores car height. Essentially this means that it provides a more stabilized driving environment. One of the most common complaints from transport vehicle drivers is the naturally rockier or shakier driving environments. By providing more support to the shocks and shock absorbers the cushion not only reduces fatigue but makes the overall driving experience more comfortable. Over an extended driving career this could equate to a reduction in back and joint problems because the body is not jarred as harshly or as often as it otherwise would be.