Tips To Buy A Lift Kit For Your SUV

An SUV itself is a symbol of class and style. Adding a little touch-up by installing a lift kit to it only adds to the glamor. Make sure that you do not get confused between a parking lift and a lift kit. A parking lift is something which helps in the parking or the repairing process of a car. And what does a lift kit do? It is a part which lifts the frame of an automobile and makes it higher than usual. In short, a parking lift gets used to lift an entire car to a certain height. On the other hand, a lift kit is a modification which lifts either the frame or just the car’s suspension.

What happens when a kit gets installed? It gives the car a higher profile. The wells of the wheels become higher, and therefore, the ordinary tires get replaced with taller tires. There are mainly two types of lift kits: the suspension lifts and the body lifts.

If you take an interest in installing a kit into your SUV and turning it into a true “Road Monster“, you need to know the difference between these two types. Moreover, you must also have a little idea about how to buy them.

Suspension vs. Body

The suspension lift kit is all about high performance. It is an expensive kit, but your car will have enhanced capabilities in rough terrain like a rocky surface or a dirt track. The body lift kit is all about visual effects. It is cheaper than the suspension lift, and is easier to install. The tires are obviously bigger, but have minimal effect on the ride quality.

Tips on Buying a Lift Kit for your SUV

It is totally up to you to choose which type of lift kit you want for your SUV. But before the purchase, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here are a few tips:

#1. Safety: You need to remember that a kit can make your SUV prone to rollovers because of an elevated center of gravity. However, having a higher seat means that you will have better visibility. Measure all the pros and cons before buying it.

#2. Ride Quality: It is possible that you may not get the same comfort that you had with your normal car. Always ask for a test drive on a different “raised” SUV. An off-road trip will obviously become more enjoyable. But what you need to check is your comfort level on a normal road.

#3. New Tires & Rim: Owners often tend to buy new tires and rim to make the car look more appealing. And this addition makes the project more expensive. If you do make up your mind to buy new tires, make sure that you recalibrate your speedometer.


Keep these points in mind, and you will surely come up with something great. Enjoy your car getting modified, but do not forget to drive safely.