The Benefits of the SAF Modul Suspension System

Owning or managing a fleet of trucks is a challenging task because you have to be aware of all the functioning and non-functioning parts of the vehicle to ensure the safety of the driver and the cargo. A damaged suspension system could cause havoc on the road. The truck could cause an accident, not only damaging the truck, but possibly harming the driver. Investing in reliable truck and trailer parts such as the SAF Modul Suspension System is a step in the right direction.

Here are the benefits of the SAF Modul Suspension System.

It places great importance on the quality of the brakes in this suspension system. You have the option to equip it with drum brakes or disc brakes. Either option will give you the necessary security you require.

SAF works closely with recognised and internationally successful supply partners. In other words, wherever you find this product, you are reassured that the supplier has been vetted as a credible one.

With the SAF Modul Suspension System you get an air suspension that is profitable to you as it is reasonably priced and it has longevity. This longevity benefit also leads to comfort and safety while driving.

This system ensures an optimum braking effect by means of the precision machined s-cams. These s-cams can control the movement of the brake shoes and the applied brake pressure.

The brakes are mounted around a spherical head on the SAF Axle in the SAF Modul Suspension System. This specific geometry ensures that the shoes remain mobile in all directions. This allows the linings to wear uniformly and to last longer.

You can rely on the full braking force of the SAF Axle as it functions from the first turn of the brake drum. In the event of a repair, it is not necessary to machine the brake linings.

The SAF Modul Suspension System contains less individual parts so you save on additional spare parts. This saves you the costs of maintenance and repair also.

You can change the brake shoe within seconds because, with the SAF Axle, you only need a screwdriver to change it. It can be done simply and quickly without any hassles.

The SAF Modul Suspension System is an affordable truck part because it is able to save you costs in terms of extra spare truck and trailer parts, maintenance and repairs. In addition, it is reliable and affords you longevity of use.