The Most Fuel-Efficient Trucks From the House of Leyland

Fuel cost is a major component of the operating cost of a vehicle. It also plays a primary role in the purchasing decision of a vehicle buyer. When it comes to commercial vehicles, business owners are always on the lookout for trucks which can render high fuel efficiency. Below is an insight on some of the haulage trucks from the house of Leyland, which deliver great results in terms of mileage:


With an aim to offer great mileage, the 2516IL comes equipped with the revolutionary twin-speed rare axle technology. Ideal for long distance travels, particularly in highway conditions, this feature enables the driver to opt for fuel-economy mode, simply at the press of a button. Powered by an H Series 6 ETI3KI Turbocharged intercooled with inline FIP engine, the vehicle pumps out 160 hp of power and 550 Nm of torque. Its primary applications include market load, construction, bulkers, minerals, and tankers.


Majorly used for logistics and parcels, this vehicle can run at a maximum speed of 79 kmph. The path-breaking technology of twin-speed enables the occupants to enjoy a host of benefits, such as, faster turning radius, better cruising, enhanced driving experience, and reduced engine noise levels. It offers a loading span of 32 ft and renders a GVW of 25000 kgs.


Offering a maximum speed of 74.2 kmph, this truck possesses a GVW of 31000 kgs and a loading span of 24.5 feet. Similar to the other haulage trucks, it derives its power from an H Series 6 ETI3KI engine. It is best suited for applications, such as, market load, cement, tankers, parcel & white goods.


Available in a 10 x 2 configuration, the five-axle 3718IL offers a massive payload of up to 25 tonnes. For higher mileage, the carrier has been outfitted with a user-friendly in-line fuel injection pump. Further, when the truck runs in an unloaded condition, the lift axle automatically lifts, thus contributing in saving of fuel. The loading span of 29.5 feet allows the vehicle to undertake loads of any density or dimension. However, the most outstanding feature is the five axles, which include two steerable axles in the front, two at the rear, and one self-steerable pusher lift at the middle. All in all, the vehicle promises superlative performance, longetivity, perational efficiency, and great mileage.

Backed by various configurations and features, these trucks aim to reduce the burden of their owners in terms of fuel cost. Of course, they also help in saving of energy and the environment at large.