Can You Rent Vans With Wheelchair Conversions?

If you are only in need of a vehicle that features wheelchair conversions for a short amount of time – perhaps you’re going on holiday and would like to take a disabled family member with you, or your regular vehicle is receiving repairs, or your loved one will only be wheelchair bound for a short time – you might be wondering whether you can rent one of these vans. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that should offer you rental vehicles with the appropriate conversions.

Begin by determining how long you will need a vehicle with wheelchair conversions for. Will you need the vehicle for an afternoon or overnight, or will you need it on more of a long-term basis, like a week or two? You should also do this as far in advance as possible, as this will ensure that the company has a van available when you need one. Of course, if a family member has suddenly developed an illness or an injury that will leave them wheelchair bound this will be impossible.

Contact your insurance company and find out whether your policy covers rental cars in your care. If it does, then you are ready to begin contacting rental companies to find out about wheelchair conversions. If it doesn’t, you will have to take this out to ensure that, should you be involved in an accident in the rental car, that you are protected against exorbitant costs.

Once you know how long you will need the van for, you can begin contacting rental companies to find out whether they offer vehicles with wheelchair conversions or not. Compile a list of the companies that have appropriate vans available during the times that you need them, as well as how much it is going to cost you to rent the vehicle for the time frame you require. You should also found out what their policies are regarding picking up and dropping off the van – are they responsible for this, or do you have to do it?

When you are happy with the rental company you have researched, you can book in one of their wheelchair conversion vans for the time frame that you will need it. Make sure that you pay a deposit as soon as possible so that there is no way the company will double book your vehicle and that you call them to double check with the company close to your pickup date that they still have a van available in your name.