I Have a Van – What Kind of Business Can I Start?

A few week ago, I was sitting on the outdoor patio in one of our shopping district having one of their signature sandwiches, and I brought my own frappachino from down the street. Since I was sitting at the end table I noticed a gentleman delivering magazines and newspapers to various businesses on the street. They were those local regional advertising type publications, and he was making his rounds. Interestingly enough, I met up with him just the other day, and he’d come into Starbucks on a completely different side of town and we got to talking.

He told me that he had lost his job working for a local utility company, but he had his van, and it was paid off, and that’s why he was delivering those newspapers. He admitted to me that he only had a couple of dollars left on his Starbucks card, and was trying to get it from the heat into the air-conditioning, so he had himself a small cup of coffee house blend, and we got to talking about the various types of businesses that he might be able to start using his van, because the newspaper delivery gig was simply not paying enough money by the time he paid his insurance and the fuel.

Indeed, I explained to him that once upon a time I was in the mobile auto services sector, and I had franchised mobile oil change vans, mobile detailer units, and mobile car wash trucks. I explained to him that he could start such a business working out of the back of his van, and that he could do it on a shoestring. For instance if he wanted to get into the mobile detailing business all he needed was a water tank, a pressure washer, a portable generator, and a shop vac. He said he did have a portable generator and a shop vac, but he’d need to buy a plastic water tank and a pressure washer.

I told him he should go down to Home Depot and check out the sales, and he might be able to pick up a pressure washer there or at Walmart for around $100, even if he just bought a cheap Chinese version. The water tanks I told him he could probably order online from agricultural supply company, but it might take a while to come by way of UPS.

He thanked me very much, and told me that when he was younger he used to like to detail his own car, and he felt comfortable with that type of work. Perhaps if you own a van and would like to start your own small business because you’ve been laid off, this might be an idea for you. Please consider all this and think on it.