Van Drivers Enjoy Many Diverse Job Opportunities

Van drivers enjoy plentiful job opportunities as well as a diverse number of driving options. Van driving jobs include employment opportunities to work as delivery drivers, courier drivers and private chauffeurs. Another huge option and one more specialized is working as van drivers for the medical and hospital industry. These drivers are also referred to as patient transporters. Patient transporters provide non-emergency transport for patients. Patient transporters provide transportation for patients by picking them up from their homes or other designated pick-up locations and taking them to their medical appointments.

Qualifications to become a van driver generally include having a high school degree or a General Education Development (GED) or one to three months related experience and/or training. A driver license is required and usually a clean driving history. Good physical stamina is also a must if you will be delivering furniture, appliances or packages. Nationwide delivery companies may require you to be able to lift 70 pounds. Also, delivery drivers may be required to load and unload their vehicles.

Good physical stamina is also required if you want to work as a patient transporter. This is because you will often have to help the patient board the van safely. Patients may be on crutches or in wheelchairs. They may have neurological or other medical conditions which make it necessary for them to require assistance even if they are able to walk. Patient transporters also must know how to work the various controls in the van which allows wheelchairs to be loaded safely.

Defensive driving techniques are a plus if you are driving a commercial van. In fact, taking a defensive driving class and receiving your certificate for the completion of the class is often a plus when you apply for a van driving job. These classes are very inexpensive and can teach you excellent techniques to avoid getting into an accident on the roads. Defensive driving classes have also been shown to reduce the risk of accidents. They also teach you how to avoid many road hazards. Your certificate of completion will demonstrate to a prospective employer that you are serious about being a safe driver.

Defensive driving classes are taught nationwide at state certified schools. Each state sets criteria for the classes. Your state will have classes which conform to the laws of that state. Check with your state for a list of approved defensive driving classes. Many of these classes are taught online which enables you to complete the class at your own pace and convenience.

Driving can at times be a difficult job because you must deal with various weather conditions, road conditions and traffic conditions. Make a special effort to be a safe driver. This includes among other things making sure you are rested before you get behind the wheel. Also, avoid distractions while driving such as texting or talking on cell phones. Your goal should be to drive safely and to do all you can to avoid being involved in an accident.